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Fire Door inspection, Preston, Lancashire

The possibility of a large contract came NWFD's way on Thursday when the office received a call from a large Theatre/Exhibition Hall in Preston, Lancashire, who requested us to go and carry out a full inspection on their 120 fire doors to ensure they comply with regulations following a Fire Safety Audit by Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service. We'll be travelling to Preston with colleagues from North West Fire Doors very soon to carry out this extensive survey, we'll let you know how it goes through our website's News Feed. The management and fire safety representatives of this Preston premises found NWFD via an internet search, and after viewing our website they were happy to choose us for their needs. If you would like a similar "check up" on your doors and their performance, please do view our website too and CONTACT US to speak to our expert team and arrange an appointment.

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To speak to one of our team for more information, or advice on anything related to fire doors in the North West contact North West Fire Doors now on 01925 577 177 where a member of our office based team will direct your call to the most appropriate specialist.

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